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Our Chapter's History

2013 Northern Provice Paul Waymond Caine Alumni Chapter of Year (Small)


The history of the Syracuse Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity dates back to the fall of 1961 where a group of Kappa men came together and formed an organized group of Kappa men in Syracuse. The group was named The Kappa Men of Syracuse. At the time, the number of Kappa men in Syracuse was small which prohibited petitioning the Grand Chapter for a charter. Kappa men were also come to and leaving from Syracuse at a rapid rate which offered very little stability in terms of numbers. Thus, the Grand Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi did not recognize the Kappa Men of Syracuse.

The Kappa Men of Syracuse were actively involved in the Syracuse community, especially in the Afro-American community, serving as big brothers to younger boys. The group affiliated itself with the Y.O.U. (Youth Opportunities Unlimited) program, which tutored, encouraged and facilitated junior high and high school students in many ways to complete high school education. The students were also exposed to events that helped them to expand their horizons in other areas of their lives. The Kappa Men of Syracuse became well known in the Syracuse Community.

As numbers increased, The Kappa Men of Syracuse petitioned Grand Chapter for an association. The petition was granted which resulted in the Northern Province installing the Syracuse Alumni Association as an active and recognized component of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. As an association, the group was only allowed one vote at Province and Grand Chapter conferences. Additionally, associations could not induct a new member, which was found to be a draw back. For those two reasons primarily, the association sought to become a full fledge chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

On September 29, 1973, Syracuse (NY) Alumni Chapter was officially chartered as an official chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. Its charter members included: Donell Bacon, Merle Greene, Robert Costen, Joseph Wilson, Ronald R. Young, Earl Robinson, Melvin Stith, Winfred Jones, M. Gilbert Kirkland, Dwight Peebles, Kenneth Jackson, and George Stubbs.

Syracuse Alumni continues to make an impact in the Syracuse community with various service projects and charitable events. The chapter has been cited as “Chapter of the Year” in the Northern Province. Chapter members Ronald R. Young and Gerald Williams have both served on the Northern Province Board of Directors. Furthermore, Brother Young went on to serve in the highest position in Kappa Alpha Psi, the Grand Polemarch. The chapter currently governs the Syracuse area and the Delta Beta Chapter at Syracuse University and SUNY Cortland

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